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Using its proprietary web-based architecture, Transcend develops and hosts products that capture, organize, store, and share information in multimedia databases residing on the company's secure server network. These tools are based on simple work - flows designed by a dentist for dentists and the dental community.

The company's family of laboratory products called TransLab includes an custom lab application and its institutional version, developed for dental schools and specialty institutions. It also includes a dentist-centric commercial application designed as a practice management tool that can connect the dentist to a lab for online prescription service.

TransNet is the company's peer to peer and work group tool used by dentists to manage referrals, collaborate on cases, or for manufacturers to conduct research within academic or professional communities. It is also becoming a natural work group resource for companies wishing to communicate with their sales force or with distributors about product launches, price changes and other product updates. By using the database archiving features of TransNet together with its image uploader and private address book controls, a library of sales and marketing collaterals can be stored and accessed by authorized parties anywhere around the world.

Business Solutions are Transcend's customized business solution services. In this capacity, the company is a discreet applications service provider with a broad range of development capabilities. Serving industry manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, Transcend enriches and extends a client's e-commerce presence with online catalogues, relational MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) databases, product promotions, and techniques libraries, to site a few examples.

An online Cosmetic Imaging service brings the benefits of aesthetic dentistry to your patient. The typical problems associated with equipment and software maintenance together with staff training just disappear. The dentist can use the simulation created to help a patient select an appropriate treatment approach. With the comfort that informed decisions bring, the patient's expectations are managed with satisfying results and the dentists have a service which can build their practices.